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Episode One - The Unveiling of Fabby (ala SlamBook Style)

Well well well, herein lies the grave of all they who kept silent. All who chose to serve in muteness while the valiant rested rusty blades in rosy bosoms. (::sings;: Deck the halls with broils of holly, FA LA La La LAA, La La la laaa)

Er, whatever.

The thing is, I am penning this entry for a very specific reason, and specific it is indeed. Well, that being to unveil all the impressions and thoughts I have of most of my close, old, new, stupid, loved and wonderful friends. Yah yah, its time to party on and rumble man.

To kick off this grand series, I shall start off with none other but He, he who birth me into this digital world of words, and He (being the few who might actually read this anyway) whom I guess wouldn't be actually surprised I am going to write nonsensical shit about.

So ladies and gentlemen, in light of all boredphucks around the world I present to you, FABIAN~ (Dum dum dum dummmmm)


Ok, let's see. Impressions? (Is this going to hurt you Fab? Hell, no. But come on, I can't lie in my journal, its an intergrity thing) Well, I would consider Fabian to be someone..someone quite..er..stiff? Well, I've known Fabian for over..6 years? I'd bet he would like to know what others thought of him (read Fab's entries lah) and I sure would love to know what others thought of me as well. I'd bet too that for the sake of these 6 years, he wunt kill me for what I will say soon..hehe

Right, so here's the pie. Fabian's is a nice guy, really. Kinda sappy and sometimes abit irritating when it comes to certain sensitive issues but nonetheless, he's the kinda guy (I think) who would actually like a girl (initially) for what's INSIDE, instead of OUT..(do correct me if I am wrong, I'd hate to go to hell) Yup, this is due to some incident back whereby Fabby fell in love(?) with a gal I cannot remember except for her nick...something along the line of Elephant or..something. (though I did remember that they wasn't much INSIDE as well...HmMmmm..maybe I remembered wrong, oh crap)

Well, yah. He struck me as that kinda guy who would do weird stuffs for love, and finally procrastinates till it goes off somewhere. (sick hobby? I dunno man) Thats him folks. There's also the Fabian who shuns everything unholy or Fabian who kinda dread to move more then fingers during Arcade sessions. HmM? Nothing wrong at all in that man, its just my impression really, nothing personal.

There's also sometimes when I feel that that shine of insincerity when with him, like talking just for the sake of making you go away or something. Sometimes he cares too much, sometimes he gives you the feeling that you shouldn't wind him up in some trouble of yours..not that we should. There are times too, when he shuns away, and locks up tight somewhere in his alternate worlds, and goes off far away somewhere we cannot find.

And, there's the crazy zany Fabian. :) The side of him where his artistic self and his more loony persona comes into the light. It's like, being with him sometimes is like, kinda easy, kinda relaxed when you don't really have to tediously plan what you need to say next. Maybe because there's some sort of a verbal bridge whereby we actually find it quite easy and fun to spar with words and other..things.

Fabian is a smart guy, and so natually, one must talk smart to him too, hehe, and that sometimes can rapidly degenerate into nonsensical word wars where nothing really mattered or counts. That's the fun! He always struck me as the kinda meditator guy? The kind that mediates between fights and warring bulls? Well, yah. Though, I do know him personally as one with a..temper too

Then, finally, there's the kinda self-righteous Fabby. Nono, he ain't snobby or wat, just that, sometimes, his ideals are the benchmark he hopes pple around could achieve. It's kinda like, sometimes he gives pple, or me the feeling he is somewhat morally superior. Well, that is not to say he ever forced his beliefs on us, which I doubt he ever did..but then, it does make us..oh ok, me feel somewhat, hm...er..morally inferior? (for lack of a better word)

Oh well, I know my paragraphs ain't really connected well, and the flow of words ain't actually what you would call fantastic nor complete, but it's late, and its kinda a hard ball for me to process that many memories and thoughts and summarise them for fear of drowning everyone with gigabytes of words.

That said, I do realise that I haven't actually been in real contact with Fab for a long while, and that begged the question of how much he've changed? I am not sure man, and I cannot say, for I have no basis nor right to. All I wish to say is that, fab ah, you are still someone I know well enough to actually dare to tell you how I feel loh. And hm, that I haven't really spilt all there is to spill!!!! HAHAHAHA
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