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surrealistic peace (my broken poem remix)

ever dreamt a Dream so real?
an affront to a tapestry of the Wakingscape.
wherehence a sparrow of my lingering spirit
a dance of neverending spirals unable to escape.
you'll never see a Death as pure
to place Life in light of an unholy judgement
fromhence the sliver of justice must be broken more
for in one lies the key to a million million
sublimal is the judgement of your neverance
into the carousel my world must spin
the sensous making of pure irrevelence
my dreaming and my seeing a mess of senseless sin
mayhaps the coming of tomorrow shall never cease,
the infalliable wheel must turn unhanded eternal
how many judgement must we face unwashed
to become pure in light of a your god infernal.
shadows dark the day might be
we know not what His thoughts could bring
the miasma of nothing, the banquet of corpses
I pen my spirits in awe of absolute chaos.

"Therein lies the structure of Order, in the womb of the serpent of Chaos"
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