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My Final Entry (1)

Well, this is it, The Final Entry to end everything........
It hasnt been long, and I havent been actually consistent in keeping this journal up, but what must transpire now must. I am writing this journal out of sheer willpower as fatique and lag is really catching up on me, and I must say this few last words of mine HAHA...

Well, come this wednesday and off I go to protect and serve this sandy little country of ours....Be it for better or worse, it might be a good recourse from the life I am leading right now anywayz................still, I do feel resentful and bothered, probably cause I do not know what will happen or can happen....

Last satuday, a gang of my friends came together to send me off to the world of military might.......I truthfully had not had so much fun since ages gone, as never had all of us old Kakis gathered together once more to have fun........it was really really great, and I was truly thankful for everyone of them.......
Lynn, Jiemin, Qifeng, Yiting, Zengbin, Daniel, Donna, Dani, Brandon Su, Ugene, William, Ah Ken, Ah Feng, JiaXi, Karen, KaiQin, Calvin, Shuyun, Wenlyn, Wenlyn's cool Bro, Alvin, Marvin, Ugene's funky Friend and a few others, doumo arigato gozaimashita.
Thanx for everyone who was there, and who we all danced crazily with, you guys rock, and even if I wasnt going army, it was a great night none-the-less.

To Zengbin and Daniel, thanx for coming to see me, even though you guys were WiseMen in charge of the Treasure Hunt that night, I was really touched and really very damn fucking happy..Bloody damn happy I got to seeya all man and I will keep the SMS with me all the time..Will miss you all bloody much hahaha

To Shuyun and Wenlyn and Wenlyn's bro, thanx loh!! I know shuyun hates such places one, so I am really glad and I know wenlyn is very busy also.....Thank you thank you! and To Shuyun, very sorry I broke the promise, but I was really really sick after that night, 'cause of all the bloody alcohol...I hope I can make it up to you or something ok?

To Lynn, Jiemin, Su, Feng, Yiting, William, I think I can say I would be closer to you guys no? Hahahaha, thanx for everything and for all the things you all have done....Actually go Army is quite a small thing I guess, but still I am very glad you all were there....Even though its quite a short time, but I hope nothing will change loh...Continue to be happy and crazy.. and I will have pics of my botakness for you all....HAHA, Love you guys deep deep man......Thanx for the Flaming Lambo also hor! It rocks big time

Well, that night was really great fun, and just today, the gang brought me out again for ala carte at Block 511, the 24hours Market...Just for the sake of my memory and journal.......Jiemin, Qifeng, Lynn, Yiting, Edward, Donna, Nix, Joseph and Ginseng....Thanx again for everything tonight, tiring no doubt, but thanx for just making time to spend it with me.......honto ni doumo arigato gozaimashita....
I will not forget tonight one loh, then when Qifeng and Ivan and everyone comes in, we can destroy the camp overnight!!

To everyone whom I couldnt see, thanx still just for reading or remembering me at times, its enough already :P

Yup Yup, actually going in army is part and parcel of any singaporean boys I guess, but until you come to the verge of being part of that obligation, you hardly feel anything...Right now, I dun feel nothing much too I guess, just regret that I could have been in Poly right now, or being with you guys and gals...But, still, its a Fate card I have to play...It might seem weird how everyone plays it up, or make a big hula out of it, but HECK, I've never been happier man!!

From henceforth, I guess its time to start becoming a man hor? Hahahaha, let's see how strong the army could be....I sure hope I can take it, but I know I can, as long as they stuck me with the lousy job as clerk or what not......Guards would be cooL!

To all of my friends, PLEASE do not forget me, or forget my face or even my crap.......It would be most sad loh....I know I wunt forget any of you all, so do think of me ok? :)

I must end this now, and just to tell those special dudes and dudettes, I love you all deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!

HEHEHE, goodnitez everyone and have a better tomorrow always!
I will miss you all loh
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