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In the season of Rage.

I am fucking angry.
Really am, so much so, but at what, I know not.

FUCKING, I doubt I can ever express fully the fire and tightly knotted frustration deep inside. Not here anyway, not in words, civilised words.
Its all consuming, its killing me, burning everything i know, and I know not why!!!

Its been like this for awhile. Mine finding my temper lost at the smallest things, unable to tolerate what once used to be.........so forgivable.

I've changed man and I know that, and I think everything in my life is getting more and more fucked up as time goes by with this realisation.
I've angered pple around me, whom I care about, and whom cares about me, and I cant seem to stop.
Everyday, I must face anger within I cannot deal with. I've never knew such anger.

Everyone's comments seems stupid, everyone seems pretentious and fake, and everything is like a grand fucking show to me, a world which everyone dance upon.
I look upon a guy in the mrt today, and I felt like smashing in his face. Why? Just 'cos I din like the way he looked. HmpH. Fuck, I scare myself.

FUCK THAT. I hate this bloody stage. I hate all this masquerade.

I slowly came to realise alot about myself lately, like how much tolerance I have for fakeness and hyprocrisy is just paperthin. I've realised I've became far too outspoken with what I feel and far too honest for everyone's liking.

FUCK THAT. I'm not noble, I'm not sweet. I dun tink I am nice anymore.
Perhaps to be living, there must be fakeness in you, to laugh when you mean to snigger, to smile when you mean to curse. To apologize for others mistakes, and to ............and to.......

hmmmmmmm......after my dinner, I found my anger somewhat subsided...... *BLINK*
weird....what never changes is I cant sustain anger long....barmy...DARN...I cant metamorphise into Satan now can I? SHUCKS. Oh well.

Cant feel much to carry on, gawd,
Be editing this soon HAHA
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