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A New Day and Revelations

*sighs in satisfaction*

let's see let's see, I think I've finally figured out a lot of things today man
*monks sing*

well, ever since I've posted to SAF Military Band Training Wing, I must say that it is one of the most LOBO Unit in the entire SAF.
That is to say, we sit around on our butt.........doing nothing much really everyday.
*monks sing*

WELL, suffice to say. We hardly moved, lesser still exercise.....oh boy, it was a great cultural shock from BMT, where we hardly had time to sit..much less........sit....

I spent the first whole week there, in total shock and......boredom, and up till today din actually realise I was penting up alot of frustation.......and adolescent rage.

well, hahaha, today was sports day, basically, I found that all the knotted *things* inside, sorta dissipitated.

it's like wow..I could really feel all the shit gone. well, at least, not so raging anymore (at least the I-Wanna-Destroy moodswings).....there, life aint that bad.


Ok, well, bottom line being, Exercise rocks big time man. They clear your mind, free up all the pent up energy and such. AhBengs and terrorists should try exercising more man, They unleash the dragons in you!! *roarZZzz*
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