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battering droplets, windshield smeared and warped
the world outside, blurred, in passing and in view
uncaring, past the highway we soared
a constant drumming, somewhere around,
all around my head

invisible, claws of darkness tearing at my soul
tears of pain, as if broken, the sky above my head
whispering notes float about forsaken roads,
lonely figures in the far plains, soaked in rain
they saw me, crying tears of pain.

born of shadow, back to the mountains they go.
she, a daughter of night, my lover, my soul
a guitar rings, playing tuneless to the voice in my head
could only glanced above and without, never back in
too far out, to return to peace

was there silence, there was nothing.
the vast plains under the stars, so lonely, so very...
withering trees, dying earth, far far away
in my mind, my being, my ego.
there is no love, only death.
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