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had a bloody knife, didnt know what to do.
fleeting thoughts faster then me, flew past
the world in a giddy daze, heartbeat pounding mad.
heaving breathes drown my tired lungs,
couldnt see! couldnt see!

eyes wild verily, fear enroaching.
my temples pounding, couldn't hear, couldn't hear!
there was none in the world, now
save the gleaming steel, shaft of madness in my hands.
there was nothing! the blood wasnt mine, not mine!

spirits hung onto me, etching a niche deep within.
they took my soul, a fragment, burrowing..building.
a fortress of debris. rot and grime.
the broken figure, lifeless, lies at my feet.
string-less puppet, broken at my whims.

a pool of lovely red, like wild roses on the ground did spread.
it touched my foot, and felt like milk, warm and dark
i laughed, snapped and broken, mindless in my mindless world.
I tore at his hair, i shoved his head up to me,
to gleam into my very own visage,

and laughed together, corpses in a hall of mirrors, we were.
me and me.
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