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eagle skylights

nevada far, the sun leaned close
to the western line 'tween the earth and sky
the invisible space, of time and tides
bathing the earthscape with moody brown

'twas the sound of distant drums...

billowing sandstorms, chilling nights
dunes of dust made mountain high
let the moon alone lay guard forsaken,
washing the sandscape with pearly white

and I'd thought, a dream no doubt........

yet now and then, the eagle soared
slicing through the air to the faroff skylights
a castle of air, a paper plane,
clouding the sky with shades of grey

broken like the mirrored sky.....

why should the stars, then, and then
last forever more for whom it does?
to live like a dream, a carousel of sounds
my eyes awashed with colours, my mind filled with peace

now, and then, joy is never enough, just fleeting.
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