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DistanCe (Kimi wo Dakishimete)

From a distance I am loving,
stealing glances, with crushing eyes.
Day by day, just hoping for you,
to pass me by,
once in a while, under this cloudless sky...

and so mine body living, this world in...a chorale
Listless to be, not knowing what, just waiting, painfully.
And you're there, not far,

not far at all, a distance

not much, yet Hoping still, so deep within
you would steal a glance at me.


an Angel to me, you must be,
wanting to be beside you, just feeling warm.
To hear your voice and careless whispers,
to feel your breathless words against mine,
telling me of your dreams and pain, in my hug so tight

I wanna hold your face, touch your hair and lips,
for you to know I am loving you,
for you to love me too,
not caring how the world might think,
the distance so far, could be so much nearer still

Just waiting aloud, loving you in the dark,
knowing there is something, yet not knowing where to start.
Alone with you, in the music of the flutes,
I'd know it'd be heaven reborn in me,
just to see you look at me.

This Madness!
It hurts!
Close to you! To hear your voice and feel you so...
To be noticed by you, to see your shy smile, to hear your warm laughter.
Loving you so, wishing you'd know.

Time is gone, far too late. No more chance, no more hate.
My flute.
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