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When The Time Comes

slowly the wheels churn
approaching the station I look
beyond the windows a blur of green
alone in my cabin on a trip

the twilight above, the dusk within
nothing feels, nothing hates
alone on a broad summer street
the paintings by the curb a work of peace
not me

pigeons fluttered away as I drew near
the bustling of a venice summer day
lovers come and lovers go,
from my bench I sat alone awatching,
no body

a harmonica sang across the brown drapped street
the road lamps came on humming
alone yet again under the pale star light
picked up my luggages and walked towards the city lights
not far

was I able to find myself,
strolling alone down an empty path
to the glowing tower of tokyo I went in search
of a magical time
not known

when the time comes, for me to go
to leave these grand city of lights and shadow
I will hold onto the memories of the streets and people
for they are my eveything, and with them I'm
not alone

never alone..

--- Miyakekid ---
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